What's that?

Presently, it's just a personal domain, but a very treasured one.

Originally, back in the early days of the Internet's creation, ZZAPP.COM supported ZZAPP! Internet Services, a non-profit community dial-up ISP (Internet Service Provider) which I created and operated for about ten years in the Washington D.C. area.

When higher-speed digital Internet services began to be offered to the public, dial-up was of course obsoleted, so we shut it down. Now, ZZAPP.COM serves to support my e-mail address and personal blog.

And because I'm often asked this question ... no, this domain is most definitely not for sale at any price. I do, however, own these other domains I'll be happy to sell you: ZAP.ORG, ZZAPP.NET, and GLIB.ORG. Click on any one of them to find out more.

In the meantime, while my personal blog is down for repairs, you can find me here on Facebook, where you'll discover my most recent rants and ramblings. Please do visit again.

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